Thanks Gary

I have been working as an interpreter for Gary for over 7 months since last November and here I wanna express my thanks to this great friend.

This interpreting experience is a little different from my previous interpretations. Before it was mainly short terms, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days etc. But this time it lasts much longer. Before I was expected to be more experienced in international trade and a certain industry customer’s in and now it’s more important that I know the industry as much as possible as there are so many details, so many things I need to know to interpret accurately.

I wouldn’t have a chance to learn knowledge about marines without the help of Gary, who not only takes me as an interpreter, but also teaches me with patience when I don’t understand something.

Among all the good characters Gary has, below are most impressive to me:
1, Preparation. The prefix “pre” best describes his characters. He prepares almost anything he can think of so he is prepared far before it happens.
2, Seriousness. I see seriousness from him as we often think of from the Germans. Every detail has to be confirmed before he moves to the next step.
3, Responsibility. He takes the boat as his own. That’s all I need to say.

I need to learn from him. And I think this interpreting experience is one of the best I’ve ever had. Thanks Gary.

July 7, 2015

Why hire an experienced interpreter?

Over the past few years, I have been working as an interpreter/translator. Things I did include interpreting Chinese to English and English to Chinese; arranging hotels and airport pickups; purchasing stuff online and in wholesale markets; business negotiating; coordinating work between staff and office etc.

Being an interpreter gives me the opportunity to understand a foreign culture in a fast and accurate way. This will enable me to provide better services to future customers also.

Thank my friend Gary for teaching me so much knowledge, without whose patience and trust it would be difficult to fulfill the recent task.

As an interpreter myself, I would like to give you some suggestions:

1, getting things done is most important;
2, think about how much spent on travel and accommodation and how much it matters hiring an experienced interpreter;
3, Don’t take the risk of hiring someone you can’t count on and ruin your well planned business trip to China.

An interpreter is not someone who interprets only, he should also know about businesses in China and provide valuable suggestions to you.

I like interpreting/translating and I’m always improving myself to be the most reliable interpreter.

Click here to know more about me, a responsible, reliable and experienced interpreter from Guangzhou, China.

4 ways to find a reliable interpreter in Guangzhou, China

If you are looking for a supplier for your business travel to Guangzhou, China, these are a few steps to find a reliable interpreter.

1, Go to and search for canton fair interpreter or interpreter guangzhou
2, Click the first link and you’ll have information of Leon
3, Contact through email or phone or whatsapp, viber…
4, You’ll find him a reliable interpreter you should work with.

Good luck.

How to find a reliable interpreter in Guangzhou, China

Hi, I’m Leon, an interpreter / translator from Guangzhou, China.

How to find a reliable interpreter in Guangzhou, China? You may ask.

Over the past few years I have been working as an interpreter servicing customers from USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Philippines etc. Most of the customers are happy with my assistance and are still in contact with me.

I personally take myself as a good and reliable interpreter and today I’d like to share with you a few points to consider when you are looking for an interpreter in Guangzhou, China.

1. Talk to them on the phone or via any way that you could communicate with each other orally. Good oral English is essential. You don’t want to talk to someone who can’t even speak good English for a few days during your business trip to Guangzhou.

2. Ask for their experiences. an interpreter is not someone who can speak only, he or she has also to be experienced. Or be prepared to screw things up.

3. Feel their attitude and communication skills. Attitude decides if they can well accomplish the job or not.

In the end, I would like you to have a look at my profile and I’m expecting to work with you.

Happy trading with China!